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We offer more than just group fitness classes. Our dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced practitioners are multifaceted and want to share their healing powers with YOU! 

Choose From:

  • NeuroMyoFascial Therapy: NueroMyoFascial Therapy assesses and addresses the patterns derived from the pain of the mind (neuro), muscles (myo) and fascia (the body's connective tissue) to help unwind and rewire the way the body moves, where feelings and emotions are processed, and how the brain translates experiences

  • Massage Therapy: Massage can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from allergies, have had recent surgery, suffer from edema, or are consciously toning and detoxing their bodies. *We specialize in Lymphatic Drainage, Therapeutics, Myofascial Release and More.

  • Private Yoga Therapy (different from our regular private yoga sessions): Yoga therapy is the adaptation of yoga practices for people with health challenges. Yoga therapists prescribe specific regimens of postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to suit individual needs. Medical research shows that Yoga therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for several common aliments.

  • Partnerships: We also have certified & licensed partnerships with holistic practitioners for Womb/Birth (feminine health) therapy, Chiropractic care, Physical Therapy, Hydration/Vitamin Drip Therapy, & Aesthetics. Ask us for our recommendations to these highly sought after services.

NeuroMyoFascia + Private Yoga Therapy w/ Tiffany

  • NeuroMyoFascial Therapy & Energy Balancing

    1 hr

    Pricing Varies

Love is the Best Medicine

Through my studies and application of physical therapy, kinesiology, energy work, neurokinetic & neurovascular therapy, I continue to expand my knowledge, all while holding onto the philosophy that love is the best medicine. I believe our bodies can heal themselves with the proper care and tools.

As a zealous advocate  For diversity in the wellness & healing space, I tap into my passion & purpose to be a conduit for the tools to facilitate a space for addressing generational trauma  to create a positive shift forward & align oneself into the desired state of being.
My empathetic and practical approach uncovers root issues, unfavorable behavioral responses, and harmful repetitive movement patterns so we can unwind & rewire, locate where we feel negativity in our bodies & overcome it with neuromyofascial therapy to reconnect the mind with the body, with the muscles, and connective tissues.

Massage Therapy + Private Yoga w/ Stephanne

  • Massage Therapy & Private Yoga

    1 hr

    Pricing Varies

My Journey To Wellness

I'm Steph, owner of Bodies & Motion Wellness. I believe that functional movement and alternative healthcare should be available and accessible to everyone, everywhere. My goal is to be a healing facilitator. I'm no healer, but I'm here to help facilitate the body into healing. That is all.
I offer Corporate Chair Massage and In-Home services. We cater to you. I am also certified in the following modalities:

  • 500HR RYT

  • LMT

  • Sports Recovery

  • Myofascial Cupping

  • Movement Specialist

  • IASTM Therapy & Kinesioogy Taping (Sports and Athletics, Geriatrics & Pediatrics)

As a teacher, therapist and healing facilitator, I believe in empowering you through bodywork. I also believe in the power of self-love & self-care. Let me be your coach.
Ase' & Namaste

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