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Take your physicality to new heights with one of our yoga, barre, pilates, dance fitness or strength classes. We have multiple class types (from private to group) for every experience and ability level and bodywork services to support overall wellness.

What to Expect

Ready to try your first class or book your first private session with our motivators? Are you wondering what to wear? What to bring? What else do we offer? Where to park?

Don’t worry, we’ve got all your answers.

Our Team

We offer a variety of classes depending on your personal needs and goals. Whether you need to tone your body or relieve aches and pains, there is something for everybody here. We want to get to know you, stay and chat before and after class.

Our Vision

The Fitness Collective is a collaborative team of vastly trained, certified, licensed health and wellness professionals in Atlanta brought together under one roof by Founder/CMO, Tiffany Baskett. The Fitness Collective is an accessible extension of True Align Wholistic Life, Tiffany's 1-on-1 Alternative NeuroMyoFascial Therapy Practice. We share movement methods to challenge, revitalize and transform you in our boutique fitness space with energetically aligned, informative and intuitive science-based knowledge. Inside our sleek, upscale and modern studio at the Sandtown shopping plaza (between Carriage Cleaners and Subway) in South Fulton, you’ll find a welcoming, empowering and inspiring community for EVERY body.  Recover from injury, improve your mobility, increase your flexibility and find the movement that speaks to the longevity of your body with our passionate Experienced Motivators!

Practice & Education

Learn to Listen to Your Body

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