Private Session Memberships

1-on-1 Private Sessions

Includes in person and online private yoga or personal training sessions. **These are Experienced Motivator Rates. 

Unlimited Virtual Studio Access

Enjoy unlimited access to all Zoom Livestream classes in our Video

On Demand library

**Owner Rate available upon request to work directly with Tiffany

Our Private Offerings

We offer a variety of private programs that are all 100% customizable to your needs and goals! You'll work one-on-one with one of our instructors or practitioners that will help you grow at your own pace! Whether you're looking to get started with your practice or you've been practicing for years and looking to take things to the next level, private sessions are for everyone!

Working with an experienced and qualified instructor can accomplish many things, such as...


  • Accelerate your understanding and embodiment of different poses and experience

  • Meet your own, individual needs for body-mind health

  • Practice in a safe environment and find help with relaxation and stress management

  • Specialized sequencing, specific to your needs

  • Gain experience and deepen your practice

  • Boost your confidence and overcome fears

  • Practice on your own, personalized schedule

  • Dedicated one-on-one time with an instructor or practitioner

  • Develop a plan for a home practice and learn tools that you'll be table to take with you


If you're just visiting or not sure where to start, a single session is a great option.



Perfect for students looking to develop a long-term plan with guidance from our Motivators.



For those ready to commit to building lasting habits and start transforming their lives.


Private sessions may take place in our studio, in your home, or virtually! Whether you choose to meet with your teacher every couple of weeks or as often as a copule of times each week, our experienced teachers will meet you where you are with your practice that day, work with you based on your individual needs and leave you with a personalized home practice that you can also do on your own.